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Always promote yourself
By following this advice you will be able to make more money per hour and have clients for a life time.

Wherever you go, get into the habit of passing out cards to people. Targeting people with a bad haircut is a great idea because you can be the person who stops their suffering of having to walk around with a bad haircut. Your ability to make more per hour is essential to getting by. Also having clients over a long period of time gives you security.

oldOlder men are also good prospects. They don’t get cut often because the don’t have as much hair growth. When they do get cut, they are often someone you could get in and out of your chair in 10-15 minutes. You will get paid the same amount you would for having done a 45 minute cut.
Remember To’s:
Trim Ear Hair
Trim Nose Hair
Tim Neck Hair
Be ware of the SLEEPER men that will be awake one second and snoring the next. These guys always seem to fall asleep when your lining them up. Their notorious for letting there head bob at the wrong time.
By resting your Finger against his forehead you will feel when he’s about to start nodding off

“Mothers” are great customers most of the time because they’re very appreciative to have a nice place to take their little ones.
Respectful with music and conversations
Help them pick a good hairstyle for there little one.
Remember to:
Always introduce yourself to the mother and find out her wishes
Ask if there are any health or behavioral conditions about the child you need to be aware of.
If the mother leaves child have contact information available.
Depending on the age of the child and your comfort level insist parent stays.
At Night offer to walk to car
Communicate anything you observe to about the condition of the childs head. Sometimes you will notice scars, scratches, and bruises etc. Let them Know
Don’t sleep with your customers, most of the time it doesn’t end up good.
For Tips about handling Kids see WILD LITTLE ONE’s Post

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