Getting Paid! Truth about working for a salary

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By Hasheem Whitmore

When choosing the shop you will like to work in you need to know how the Barber industry is set up. The owners of the shop wants to get paid off your work so you pay them in one of three ways, commission, salary, or booth rental.
Owners Provide (*) Indicates items that are optional
Compliance with State Standards set for Barber Establishment
Client Data base*
W2* for tax purposes
More control over barbers work times, break times, and work production
Provide Services to the public
Practice State Standards of Sanitation
Complies with the rules and standards of the shop
You receive a set amount no matter if you cut 1 head per hour or 5
As a salary barber make sure you are being accounted for as an employee not an independent contractor. Some owners want to treat you and pay you like an employee but when tax time comes they treat you as an independent contractor so the don’t have to pay into taxes that benefits you such as workers compensation. ===Consult a tax professional for guidelines and additional information==
Negotiate-Most things in life are negotiable, Terms of the agreement are most important!
Know your math! Be able to have a good understanding of price of services you provide and how much you walk away with. ===Don’t Forget to account for taxes=== Consult tax professional so everything is accounted for
Know your worth
Make sure you get paid what your worth
This industry your going to pay a % of your earnings to a shop owner if you choose to work in an establishment. Analyze the situation carefully and choose the best environment. Sometimes Salary base shop owners have a stronger presence over barbers. More rules, they keep track of how much you are making, and additional standards should be expected, because the more you earn the more they earn.
You are entitled to 100% of your tips
You pay taxes on your tips