Must do’s before you leave your current shop

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The Exit


Tips and Rules to leaving the Shop


  1. Do on to others as you would have them do on to you. Make sure that you that give sufficient notice to employers that you are moving on to other opportunities. Keep your karma right and try not to burn any bridges. You never know what the future may hold. Twice I have left a shop without giving notice; one because of drug activity, for which I suggest that if you witness questionable behavior get the hell out of there. Second time the owner was an ass towards me, along with having some pretty questionable behavior. I decided it would be best to throw the peace sign and bounce. I also left two shops with adequate notice, and both times I was given a meal and well wishes.


  1. Client List. You should be constantly in the practice of gathering information of your clients. Emails and Telephone numbers. That way when you leave, you will have means to get clients to your new location.


  1. Your former co-workers will not tell your clients about your new location, do not expect them to either. There is no point in getting mad or sour because such is part of the game.


  1. Definitely expect them to send over their extremely difficult clients to you.


  1. Use social media to market your new shop and your new service.


  1. Do not slander or talk shit about your last shop or co-workers. Negative words travel very fast so make sure that you keep negative comments to yourself and hold yourself to a higher standard. If people keep asking about why you moved, tell them the change was for a better opportunity.


  1. No one has the power to read your mind so keep an honest dialog with people.


  1. No need for conflict. I have seen sour owners yell, scream, threaten, dare, curse, and a lot more when a barber leaves, because they feel played. Just say your peace, thank them for the opportunity and move on.


  1. Promote, promote, and promote. Get on the ball of using which ever form of marketing you feel comfortable with; emails, passing out cards, having a health education day, have a party, volunteer. Create a buzz of exposure about your good service and good will and you will always have clients.


  1. Keep note of clients who follow you everywhere. That is your inner circle of best clients. Offer them special events, promotions, coupons, thank you cards, and other ways you can appreciate them. Your core group is your most beneficial source of clients.


  1. Stay positive, change brings about the unexpected. Know that there will be a brand new set of issues and problems that you will have to learn and adjust to. Be positive and believe in yourself. Stay on your grind and you will have the success you desire.