Why loving what you do is most important

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Love Your Craft

Love was put at the very first chapter of this book on barbering, because it is the most important thing you can have that will give you years of fulfilling experiences and separate you from the rest of the barbers and those who cut hair. Understand that there is a very big difference between some one that cuts hair and a barber. The former has a skill for cutting, may like cutting hair, and might be really good at it; sometimes these individuals’ skills and ability can be the best in the shop. In the case of the former; cutting hair is a good way to make money for themselves but they fall short because what they’re lacking is something you cannot teach and that is Love.


Love is the one thing that the world’s greatest barber puts into everything he does for his career, his cuts, and his clients. People see and feel the difference between the two themselves. Understand that with life, what is in your heart will always prevail against whatever challenge presented. You will face different obstacles but what makes you great is that burning desire that you have what it takes to be the best.


The fact that you love making someone feel great about themselves is why you work so hard at giving them your best service. That is why you work so hard to learn new skills, buy new equipment, take the time to invest in yourself so you can be your best. When you care about each person that sits in your chair as if they were one of your loved ones, you will have no limits on where life can take you and there will be no competition for you because you love this barber life more than anything.


People might be more talented than you and that is just fine; they may even have more clients than you and that is still fine, but fix in your mind that no one is going to love this more than you. If you do that one thing you will be extremely successful, popular, and loved. The beautiful thing is you do not have to be perfect! Just be yourself, embrace your unique style and do not worry about what other people say. You are pursuing your dream and that is the most important thing you can ever do. In time your speed will increase, as will your clientele and income.


Know that it only takes one person to dramatically boost your business. One person that you give your best to can bring you more clientele than you can imagine. It has happened to me countless times because I love people and look to build a relationship with every person that sits in my chair. When you do so, people will feel that they are not just investing in a cut, they can get a cut anywhere but what they get from you is something worth driving across town for, or worth flying across the country for.


This love is why they invite you to their graduations and want you there at their weddings, why they ask you to come see them perform or compete because you were there supporting them through it all. Supporting, coaching, encouraging, and being honest with them all the way. The biggest reward you can have is being able to share this beautiful thing called life while being in someone’s corner


This goes beyond just cutting hair, it goes into the feeling you give someone. If you invest your efforts into providing a one-of-a- kind experience, your success will be limitless. That being said, this book was written to give you the tools to endure all the challenges that come with being a great barber, how to manage yourself and your success so that you will be able to share what you love with others as long as possible.