Consultation sample to satisfy your clients

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Example Conversation


  1. Hello sir. My name is X and yours?
  2. My Name is X.


  1. Well Mr. X, how can I make you look your best?
  2. I want 1 on the side and 2 on the top.


  1. 1 side, 2 top. No problem. Since this is my first time cutting your hair, I want to make sure we are on the same page, on the sides do you want skin showing or just a little bit of hair?
  2. I want to see some skin by the temple, but have enough hair to have a line behind the ears.


  1. That is great. Now two on the cop is going to take a lot off. Let me ask you, how long ago did you receive your last cut?
  2. About a month ago.


  1. OK, Great. (At this point always grab a guard that is one to two levels above what they mentioned. Cut a small area and allow them to see it in the mirror) since this is my first time cutting you and I know different barbers use different numbers, this portion I cut is a 3. I can continue using this if you like or we can use the two like you had stated. I like being on the safe side, because after its been cut I can’t put the hair back on.
  2. Thank you, I appreciate you taking the time. I would like a 2.


  1. Great Mr. X. 2 it is; I appreciate your patience.



Routine of Service


This should be standard protocol. Always following it in order.


  1. Cut
  2. Clean
  3. Style
  4. Present Mirror


Remember that your goal is to make clients feel special towards themselves.


  1. Is there anything else I can do?
  2. No that will be it


  1. I appreciate your patience once again and thank you for giving me the opportunity to cut your hair.
  2. Oh your welcome, I’ll definitely be coming back


  1. Well allow me to give you a few business cards, one for you and two if any friends or family need a good barber.


  1. I would also like to add you to my email list. I send out valuable information about my schedule, promotions, and hair care tips.


  1. While I have you here, would you like to schedule your next appointment?
  2. How about 2 weeks from now, same time?


  1. That’s great. I’ll see you then, Thanks again Mr. X, see you soon.