Going Beyond and Exceeding Client Expectations

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Going Beyond Client Expectations


Be punctual: Be ready before your appointments. Inform clients if you are running late, offer them a beverage if you run late beyond five minutes.


Be respectful: “yes sir” “no sir” eye contact, firm hand shake, please, and thank you.


Be a good listener: Give confirmation that you understand. Do not interrupt, ask for clarification on things you do not understand.


Follow instructions: Wishes of the client is always more important. Demonstrate that you are able to give them exactly what they want. If you desire to do something different, share your vision without pressuring them into a style they do not want.


Just do your best: Have all your concentration on the task at hand. Focus only on making your client happy.


Exceeding Expectations


Be Knowledgeable: Acquire knowledge about hair care and products can recommend to your clients. They will take your recommendations because you are their trusted expert. Encourage clients to bring you questions about hair related topics.


Be Patient: Some people have social anxiety, insecurities, and confusion about their appearance. Have patience and gradually build trust and communication.


Attention to details: Focus on trimming commonly over looked like face sections; ear hair, eye brow hair, nose hair, neck hair. Ask for client’s permission beforehand, you never know what they are comfortable with.


With long standing clients, it is often easy to assume what sort of service they require because you have gone through them so many times. No, never assume that client will keep wanting the same service, always confirm what sort of service they require.


Also at times, some clients will need specific sections of their head hair to grow, while other sections will need to be cut down. You are the professional here, know your craft and keep your client informed about what you are doing.


Keep a lint roller: Pick up hair from clients’ clothes.


Stock up on Mints: Bad mouth odor should always be avoided. Try mint gums, also offer some to your clients.


Remember Names: Refer clients by their names. If you have trouble remembering, try writing down their names or associate them with their own personal goals they share with you.


Be Consistent: Maintain consistency in your service. Give all clients the same level of service and care.


Go beyond: After every cut, ask your client for any other service they desire.


Remember Life Events: Try to acquire one significant piece of information from your clients at every appointment.