Listening is The Lost Art that Gives the Biggest Rewards:

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Listening is essential to your success. Why? Because listening effectively will tell you almost everything you need to know about a person. Everyone will give you verbal clues on their dislikes and likes. Paying attention to the client’s tone, voice, observing what they speak cheerfully and passionately about, allows you to build upon positive cues and talking points to engage in.


Listening effectively makes you more money



When building relationships, creating an experience where someone feels comfortable bearing their soul to you is key to the longevity of your relationship. That relationship is very powerful in business because through strong relationships you gain clients and consumers of your services for life.


Become a Student of BODY LANGUAGE


The body often speaks louder than the tongue. Facial expressions communicate a lot, but it is not always the dominant expression that you see on a person’s face that tells the true feelings of the person. What you need to understand is Micro Expressions.


Micro Expressions


A micro expression is a brief, involuntary facial expression shown on the face of humans according to emotions experienced. They usually occur in high-stakes situations, where people have something to lose or gain. Micro-expressions occur when a person is consciously trying to conceal all signs of how they are feeling, or when a person does not consciously know what they are feeling.


Becoming proficient in reading body language and verbal cues

Some people have a natural ability to read a person’s emotion or the vibe that persons gives off. They can use these skills to engage in most pleasing conversations. Over time, you can gain enough data from your study of people that from very short brief interactions you can gather comprehensive information on the personality of people.


Connecting with Clients


  1. Where did you hear about us?
  2. How often do you like to get your hair cut?
  3. When was your last haircut?


  1. What did you like and dislike about your last cut?
  2. If a phone call comes in, ask them if they mind if you answer?
  3. Thank them for their patience, if it is going to take time to cut their desired style, then ask them for further patience.
  4. Ask about kids, family, sport teams, favorite cities, job.
  5. Pick a few talking points to remember for the next time you see them.
  6. Ask them to schedule their next appointment.
  7. Send confirmation email or text them as a reminder.
  8. If clients cancel with/without calling, always show concern about their welling being first and foremost. Then encourage future behavior for contacting you in case of cancellation.
  9. If a client shares an accomplishment with you, make sure you congratulate them.
  10. Develop ways to show additional appreciation. This can be kind words, a personal note, small gift certificate, discounted haircut, gift, or hosing a client party.
  11. Never expect that you are going to get tips. Some clients will never tip you, so do not bank on the possibility of that tip coming. People tip you by choosing you to cut their hair and sharing their life experience with you. If you are not satisfied with what you receive, then raise your service price so you do not short change yourself.
  12. Make sure you get paid for your time and service, which can be hard at times because of the relationship factor in this business. Remember this is a business and there is nothing wrong in getting fully compensated for your services.
  13. When draping, do not go over the clients head with drape or strips.
  14. Do not blow air on the clippers.
  15. Do not flap drapes near clients.
  16. Enclose hair from corner to corner, flip so hair can fall and pop twice
  17. Before applying astringent, alert the client to the possibility of stinging.