Top 10 Money Saving Tips For Barbers

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Top 10 Money Saving Tips For Barbers


1 Pay yourself first.

Most important habit to develop; Taking a portion of your earnings for yourself and saving it adds up. Taking 5%, 10%, your first haircut of the day; whatever, you decide the key is being consistent.

2 Bill yourself first.

Now that your saving cash from step 1 deposit that savings into a bank or some interest growing account.

3 Get someone else to save for you.

Set up automatic deductions from your pay check for those barbers whom receive a check.

4 Have it withdrawn automatically.

Set up automatic  cash transfers from checking to savings or investment account.

5 Coupons for goals.

Take an item that you want, vacation, car, etc and divided it by 52(weeks) and put that cash aside every week and you’ll reach your goal.

6 Save all dividens and interest when you don’t need this money to live on.

7 Don’t spend your tips.

Save all your tips and let your cash stash grow.

8 Save all cash gifts.

Sometime we get blessed by clients, winnings, however cash gifts come save them.

9 Pay off mortgage faster by doubling up on principal payments.

10 Quit buying books, get a library card.

Library cards are great sources of info plus now you can digitally rent books for free on your phone or tablet.



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