What you need to know about Barber School

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Barber School


Putting in hundreds of hours to take the Test to get your license.


Finishing state required hours is the name of the game, what you do while completing those hours is your call. Bottom line, it is very unlikely that you will find a barber school that teaches you enough to be able to compete with a veteran barber, especially by the time you complete all your state required hours. It is possible for you to be terrible at cutting hair when you finish school and the institution to whom you paid thousands of dollars could care less how good you are. They are there to take your money and teach you for the state board exam. Swimming or sinking in success is up to you.


Success is a combination of beliefs, thoughts, and habits which are important to getting off to a strong start. Consider yourself lucky if you end up attending a good school which has clean facilities and helpful staff that keeps a good track of your hours.


First thing to look for when choosing a Barber School is making sure that the institution is accredited. There are a lot of fly-by-night schools run by slick talkers and hustlers who will take your hard earned money and have you thinking everything is on the up and up until one-day the state board comes in and shuts down the whole operation. They take your money, charge people for the haircuts you do, and never give you a penny, and then the state board tells that you have been taken and none of your hours spent count – so you are out the tuition you spent so much money on. Go on to your state board website, they’ll have a current list of accredited schools to go through. Save yourself the jail time from an assault on the owner of some bootleg barber college.


Next check which institutions qualify for student loans. Trust me if coming up with 6 to 15 thousand dollars up front is challenging for you, take out the loan and get started! Some schools offer payment plans as well, so always check what options are available. There are also state funded programs for people who have been locked up at some time in their past so check with your local state agency to see what programs are available.


Book work (theory) is not glamorous at all, learning about different layers of the skin and scalp can be frustrating for someone who just wants to cut hair. Be a master of your craft and study it all, your time spent acquiring knowledge can save you a lot of trouble by allowing you to identify certain scalp conditions in your clients who may need to seek medical attention.